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This forex factory forex factory indicators what I'm most interested in knowing as quickly and easily as possible. My gut feeling is I would rather use something like Hanovers recent strength indicator in terms of how strength is calculated, and then go from there developing my own graphical representation.

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You can see there are 3 print outs in the indicator. Please watch all previous tutorial videos as new version tutorials only over the new features.

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Give 'em a chance! Never stop doing something new Oct 13, Here are the rules applied: Now that I know that what I am proposing is possible and I have an idea for how it will work, I will find a coder to help me put the whole thing together.

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The line for the current bar is drawn when the bar opens and then is only updated if the brokers server happens to request an update of the previous bar.

Does the author of the original indicator know something the rest of us don't about why MT4 servers request updates of bars or is the slope of the current bar just based on a chance event? Memahami pergerakan forex yourself a chance.

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Have a thorough look at the thread it's the same thread I linked to before. Attached Image click to enlarge As you can see from the image above, the above pin bar formed meets all the rules.

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This results in the chart of an indicator that has been running forex agents in noida looking different form a chart of an indicator that is newly loaded. Ignored Here is how to trade pivots. Of course I may be completely wrong about the CCfp-Diff indicator so I will continue to forex factory indicators more about it.

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I highly recommend you ahead with the testing and only then start judging the indicator. That's why I'm inclined to start from scratch getting my own coded exactly as I desire.

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Main Oscillator. The indicators I have provided links to and others that are available on Onix see link belowTSD you would need to Google that and FF are more than enough for your purposes as you described them in above posts. Joined Jun Status: Get into indy settings. You didn't mention whether you had tested the CCFp-Diff indicator but from what you wrote I am making the assumption forex trade strategy you did not.

Shows a plain and simple currency strength reading.

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TMS-Osc Cross. Member Posts Thank you all for your help. This is very wrong way to look at the markets. Optional popup and email alerts on signal crossover.

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Member 14 Posts Doing an indicator to match the math in the spread sheet would not be bad. TMS-Osc Histo.

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My problem is I really have to know and have full confidence I know what is being calculated in an indicator before I would even begin to trust it or use it to aid my trading. Forex agents in noida the corresponding currency pair which contains the 2 currencies which are moving away from each other in strength most rapidly.

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My broker is NY based hence if you are in that time zone no need to change anything however if you live outside this zone xrp usd forex need to adjust the pivot to match mine. I would not use this indicator memahami pergerakan forex a standalone indicator.

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Member Posts Hi Bug, I've been reading the thread which contains that indicator from ferrufx which is what has given me the idea for what I want. The lines for the current bar are mostly not updated as the bar changes. As always, any help or suggestions are appreciated. Shows the rate at which how to get forex volume data currency is gaining or losing strength. Set brokers candle to false.

  1. So for me the best pairs to trade are the ones whose 2 currencies are moving away from each other the greatest more divergence.
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  3. You didn't mention whether you had tested the CCFp-Diff indicator but from what you wrote I am making the assumption that you did not.
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  5. Note, that in the present form you have over all sentiment for the dar because of the daily baronce you start using the bars option, you no have to decide what time frame you want to use it on.

I am no coder so have hired someone to do this for me. There are numerous version of the CCFp-Diff indicator which work from home jobs anywhere in india you edit them to suit your needs you can edit the forex factory indicators average settings or use bars only, you can choose to use current bars or only closed bars etc.

But I think it would be wise to look back a configurable amount of bars to determine high and low instead of the abritary daily high and low. Thanks again for the assistance and answering my questions.

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